How long is a wedding ceremony ?

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Time matters a lot in all organizations. In a wedding ceremony, you are concerned with knowing when one section begins and ends. As well for the organizers as for the guests, it is a detail to be taken into account at the risk of getting bored. Here’s what to know about the length of a wedding ceremony.

Set about 20 to 30 minutes

It is often not easy to plan a time in advance for a wedding ceremony. However, this is also not an impossible challenge. It is therefore up to the organizing committee to be vigilant so that the time allotted for each section is respected.

Logically, with a little rigor, it is possible to pass all the stages in 30 minutes at most. It suffices to strictly ensure the timed execution of the essential phases. Thus, it is important to circumscribe as quickly as possible the installation of the guests, the celebrant, and the couple. As for the departure for the place of the celebration or reception, it must be done in an order to be established.

Allow a possible delay

This type of activity takes place under the same scheme. You should therefore know that there is nothing so extraordinary that can lengthen them. However, it will be necessary to be quite wise in providing extra time for testimony either of the married couple or of a relative. In order not to test the patience of the guests, you must avoid a long and exhausting protocol.

This is why, in addition to the standard timing indicated above, there must be a margin of delay. A quarter of an hour will be more than enough for this extension. During this extension, the choir can reward the assembly with two songs. Or, parents may be allowed to give advice publicly. Also note, whether at town hall or at church, experienced celebrants always integrate the notion of time, so their speeches are short.

Plan the sessions of the ceremony

Of course, the president of the organizing committee must be a well-trained person, but he would benefit from allying himself with the services of equally seasoned people. Otherwise, his instructions could come up against the inexperience of the latter. Such a rigorous conductor always follows the implementation of the scores to the letter.

Indeed, planning is important because it facilitates the happy outcome of things. A chronogram is therefore essential which gives clarity to the progress of each session.

Take into account the number of guests

When the number of guests is high, obviously a ceremony drags on. Some arriving at their own pace distort the setting up when others by whims disturb the normal order of arrangements. However, to get to control his world, the organizing committee must send out nominative invitations. To be successful, it takes targeting the right people in the room.

Knowing how many people that will be attending the ceremony is essential. This detail allows you to control their movements, moods, and needs. Also, discipline is a determining factor for the success of the wedding organization.