What is team building ?

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Team cohesion and communication appear as determining parameters for the achievement of the performance objectives of an organization. In recent years, team building, also known as team building, has been adopted as a solution for optimizing collective work. He supports entrepreneurs in solving productivity challenges and adapting to changes. Overview of the concept of team building: definition, challenges, objectives, and activities.

What is team building ?

Team building is a concept that did not really start to interest professionals, as a performance improvement tool, until the early 1990s. Team building is a method used to develop cohesion within a company or collective united around a common goal.

Its approach is based, among other things, on creating an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration aimed at facilitating group resolution of challenges. This is a profession in its own right, the techniques of which are developed by qualified professionals in the field: team building coaches. In practice, team building sessions go through phases of diagnosing the functioning of the group, identifying blockages, and finding solutions.

The tools used to do this are of a rather particular kind because they take the form of recreational activities. Thanks to technological and digital media, there is even the possibility of organizing remote team building sessions. Better communication, conflict resolution, motivation, integration into the group spirit are all the benefits that flow from it.

Issues associated with team building

The issues related to the practice of the team building methodology are quantified in terms of utility. In the exercise of day-to-day management, business leaders are unanimous in recognizing the negative impact of a lack of collaboration on their activities. Studies have shown that the implementation of team building is a source of better productivity and economic profitability.

In addition, this concept makes it possible to create an atmosphere of exchange and mutual aid between the members of a structure. This prevents the occurrence of stress, tension, fatigue, all of which are the basis of health problems for the worker. Team building is also used to establish a culture of adaptation to change by fostering a taste for success, for collective success.

Team building goals

The overall objective sought by team building is to create a professional environment in which well-being and sociability predominate. It is to respect this logic that the entertainment initiated in training is oriented towards discovery, knowledge of employees among themselves. This approach not only promotes the integration of new colleagues but helps to enhance the feeling of belonging of the whole group.

These aspects also contribute to effective communication, conducive to information sharing and mutual trust. Better still, this climate generates more motivation and fewer conflicts on a daily basis. The deadlines, qualities, and costs of the projects developed then display optimum indicators.

Some ideas of team building group activities

Varied and adapted to each type of organization, team building activities take place inside or outside the company. Sports sessions are among the most popular and offer workers the opportunity to practice football, dance, and golf. Besides these. There are also role-playing games, music videos, treasure hunts. Some coaches recommend focusing on originality, a guarantee of enthusiasm for the participants: gardening session, cooking, bubble football, etc.