How did the quran and sharia guide the lives of muslim men and woman ?

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Religion is the surest way to relate to God. Many prophets, once propagated the divine word. Today divine messages are distributed in other ways, mainly through the sacred books. The Koran for example is the guide for all Muslims and the Sharia is the way to apply what the Islamic guide suggests. How do its elements influence human life?

Strengthen faith

It is difficult to see the benefits of religious practice without a minimum of involvement. Islam is today, the religion causing enough controversy due to misunderstanding of the concept. To keep to the heart of the matter, practicing Muslims exist in millions, but those with enough faith exist in hundreds.

Just to raise the idea that more of the majority are content to just follow the habits. It is not enough to proclaim that one believes in the divine word, but one must also be careful to demonstrate it.

The Quran teaches many things and belief is the most basic. Faith is a fairly relative concept, because at times it can be subject to conditions. Through Sharia, which Islam advocates, Muslim men and women are educated enough about attitudes to differentiate faith from many things. This means that they will now express themselves differently and make much more mention of the good rules that a Muslim should have.

Access to paradise and alongside the Prophet (SAW) is one of the most stimulating elements in strengthening faith.

Real understandings of social welfare

The rules and principles decreed by the Koran allow all Muslims to be able to assert themselves. The Quran promotes understanding of one’s neighbor and mutual acceptance. The notion of forgiveness conveyed through several chapters avoids all kinds of compromises. It is difficult to forgive, the opposite may seem easy to say, but putting it into practice can be difficult.

The habits and environments in which everyone evolves diverge. Thanks to what Sharia teaches, a Muslim will put aside anything that prevents him from getting closer to his fellow man. Being able to live well in society means accepting that everyone is different and that it is our actions today that will determine the reactions of the future.

With the period of Ramadan, Men are more reassured about how Islam can strengthen the bonds between people. Sharing and giving alms are actions that demonstrate how important it is to be concerned about the fate of your neighbor. It is always during this period that food consumption is lowest. This indirectly contributes to the well-being of the environment.

In short, the different actions of the Koran and Sharia allow people to realize the importance of nature and promote links between them.

The Koran has served as a guide in the lives of men and women by showing them that the earth is the place where all evil deeds must end.