How to hire private driver in Bali ?

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With its magnificent beaches and seaside resorts, Bali is a dream destination. Located in Indonesia, it is full of many sites of extraordinary beauty that you will have to visit during your stay in this earthly paradise. However, to be able to travel to Bali and meet all its wonders, you will need to be accompanied by a driver. It is this driver who allows you to move around in peace and above all, not to get lost. How then should you go about it? Here’s how to hire a private pilot in Bali!

Do research

To find a driver during your next trip to Bali, you have several choices:

First, doing a little research on the Internet would be a good start. As you browse the web, take an interest in the opinions posted on the various forums. These opinions can be counted in the thousands, and they will give you a clear idea of the subject. You can also find some tips and read the experiences of those who have been in the same situation as you. Apart from the forums, you have the possibility to go to travel platforms. Browse the hundreds of opinions about the car and/or driver rental companies.

If you are not the type to trust information found on the Internet, you can consult your relatives who have already had to take a trip to Bali. Find out if they had the same needs as you and how they went about finding solutions. However, check with your travel agency or hotel to find out if they do not offer a car and/or driver rental service.

Discuss the conditions with your future driver

After doing your various research and having found what you are looking for, all you have to do is discuss the conditions with the agency or your future driver.

Indeed, if you already know your circuit during your stay in Bali, you will only have to opt for a simple driver. It would then be important to agree with him on the number of times you want him to be available to you. Also, discuss the cost of the service and when you will arrive in Bali. In the event that you have not defined a circuit during your travels in Bali, you will therefore use a Driver-Guide. He masters the terrain, the nooks, and crannies of the region, and it is he who will help you define a circuit at your request.

If you wish, you can also decide to sign a contract with the future driver.

Important information

Do not be fooled by drivers who would suggest you buy land, villas, or make any investment. There are very strict controls on foreigners who have houses or villas in Bali. Authorities check all construction and purchase documents. In case you get caught, the acquired house will be destroyed. You also risk a big fine depending on the rental time and the age of your purchase.