How much to install inground swimming pool ?

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The installation budget for an inground pool depends on the characteristics defined by the owner. The desired attractions can considerably increase the cost price of the swimming pool, just as simplicity can amortize it. It is, therefore, necessary to know the criteria of the swimming pool before proposing a general budget for its construction.

What does it take to have an inground pool?

The inground pool differs from the above-ground pool by its construction. She’s totally buried. Its installation requires conventional pool equipment such as ladders, the pool deck that frames the exterior concrete borders, and lighting. The inground pool is also characterized by its depth. It can reach 2.20 meters while the maximum depth of the above-ground pool is 1.6 meters.

To these details must be added an equally important feature, which is the size of the inground pool. It generally occupies an area of ​​32 m², but the owner can request an XS or XXL model adapted to his needs, hence the variation in construction prices.

The estimated budget for an inground swimming pool

Once the characteristics of the pool have been determined, the cost of constructing the artificial pool to be built can be proposed. Pools of the conventional size built-in concrete cost an average of 15,000 euros minimum and 20,000 euros in the extreme when they do not require exaggerated and special amenities. Their price can go up to 250,000 euros when the owner makes luxury choices. So it’s not just swimming that he builds his pool. He has other aims besides the pleasure of swimming.

The price drops considerably when you opt for a plastic shell basin. The final cost of the swimming pool can go down to 7000 euros. The difference in the price of this type of pool is explained by its lifespan. Very less expensive, it just requires a few repairs and good maintenance to have very prolonged longevity over time.

The XXL swimming pool and the ecological swimming pool

The owner of the swimming pool can ask the builder for his own dimensions. A professional swimmer may have, for example, particular needs in the construction device and the dimensions of his pool. The cost price of installing the XXL-sized swimming pool can be based on criteria, go up to 50 thousand euros.

It is necessary to add 30% to the cost price of the swimming pool with the conventional dimension to have the ecological swimming pool. The increase in the price of building a natural swimming pool compared to a conventional swimming pool is explained by the quality of the equipment used for its installation. It respects ecological standards and uses only natural materials. The ecological swimming pool often consists of two basins which is not always the case with concrete masonry pools.

The first basin, the lagoon, filters the water through a plant ecosystem to reinject it into the second (swimming) basin using a pump. It also has its requirements. You have to wait 4 to 5 months after its construction to use it. Meeting ecological standards takes a lot of money and enough patience.