How to play hold’em poker scratch off ?

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Are you looking to learn “Hold’em Poker Scratch Off” in the simplest and most easy to learn way? Here you’ll have a guide to walk you through the ropes of Hold’em Poker Scratch Off. It is a simple game, the same as Texas Hold’em Poker. The difference with Texas Hold’em Poker is that you have to scratch the cards off the ticket. The cards you’ve scratched could play in your favor if you are lucky. Read on to find out more on how to play hold em poker scratch off.

Hold’em poker scratch off: General Rules

Hold’em Poker Scratch-Off is a five-player game. Each hand on the ticket consists of two cards. There’s also a Champion Hand with two cards that you must defeat in order to win. You have a Community of Cards with five cards, which includes a:

  • Flop,
  • Turn,
  • and River

gains du casino You will use the latter to create your own hands. So, you will need to scratch off the five Player’s Hands and the Champion’s Hand to expose two cards each. When you do that, you can scratch the community cards area and make the best possible hand for players on the ticket and also the champion.

Unlike playing live Hold’em poker, this game depends solely on luck. It could be a bad day for one player and an awesome day for another.

Knowing the hand rankings

When making the most excellent hand in hold’em poker scratch off,  keep in mind that you simply can take as many cards as you like from the community cards. However, in this game, you won’t be able to take all the community cards to create your hand. Here are the hand rankings.

  • Royal Flush

This hand comprises 5 cards from ten to Ace of the same suit in the arrangement. This is the strongest hand you can play in Hold’em Poker Scratch Off.

  • Straight Flush

A straight flush comprises five cards in the arrangement that are all from the same suit. This hand could be apart just like the Royal Flush, but it isn’t Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 of the same suit.

  • Four of a Kind

gains du casino

This is also a strong hand. It consists of 4 cards of the same rank or number and a random card. The probability of getting this hand is actually quite low.

  • Full House

While this is also a strong hand, it comprises 3 cards of the same rank or number and 2 cards of the same rank or number.

  • Flush

This hand consists of 5 cards of the same suits and a winner is decided by the highest of the five cards when two flushes tie.

  • Three of a kind

As the name implies, here we have 3 cards of the same number or rank.

  • Two Pair

You can make this hand with two pairs of any two cards of the same number. A good hand and a common hand but not easily formed.

  • One Pair

A single pair of numbers in 5 cards can make this hand. It is considered one of the weakest hands in this game, and you can make many “one pair” hands in the game.

  • High Card

When none of the above-mentioned hands is made, the hand automatically becomes a high hand and winning is determined by the card with the highest rank when all the players have a high card hand.

Experiment with other alternatives to online scratch poker

You’ve probably already heard about the virtual casino, but haven’t tried it yet. If you’re a poker lover, this new version is sure to spark your interest. Poker disciplines are not limited to Hold’Em Poker. You can also play at the classic table available in physical casinos, but directly online. However, there are certain rules you need to know beforehand to understand how live poker functions. To learn more about this, read on.

How to access online poker?

with one or more platforms. However, it is normal to get lost in front of the countless betting sites available online. Moreover, more and more webmasters are designing game interfaces in order to scam unwary players.

You should know that after registering on these fraudulent sites, your personal data, such as your bank details, may be leaked. Besides that, your personal information can also be used for unfortunate purposes.

However, these risks won’t prevent you from taking advantage of the kitty sites offered by the legal platforms. So, to land only on authorized and highly secure sites, read the list available at

Practice Poker with Welcome Bonuses

Nevertheless, before registering on paid sites and betting money on poker, it is recommended to practice on free platforms. Whether you already have a basic notion of this discipline, or you want to know more about live poker, take some time to assimilate its basic techniques.

By experimenting with the various tables on the free live Pokers, you can improve your playing tips. In this way, the site can qualify you for a paid tournament if you win on a regular basis. 

Beyond the free sites, paid platforms also offer you free tickets to tournaments where you can win large stakes. This is often offered to new customers as a way to experiment with online poker without staking real money.

Tips you should know before playing live poker

Unless you are an experienced poker player, you need these guidelines to come out on top in tournaments.

  • Limit the game to 20 minutes only: Poker requires the utmost concentration to win the bet. According to the experience of professional players, the level of concentration decreases after this time. This explains why you start to lose your luck by persevering with the game despite the lack of concentration;
  • Be in perfect form during your tournaments: betting requires skill and concentration in avoiding losing your money. So, if you are feeling tired, down or emotionally agitated, avoid playing live poker;
  • Choose a quiet place with no distractions: since poker is available online, it requires discipline to win the jackpot. In this case, avoid any distractions that may reduce your concentration. It’s best to be in a quiet place, away from phones, text messages or unexpected emails.

The games available online

Whether you play live poker or a simple online game, you can choose from 3 types of games:

  • Tournament: Here you play against several players and you have to pay your entry fee, as the money collected in this game will be split among the different games. The tournament usually takes 10 minutes and can increase gradually;
  • Sit & go: In this game type, the table is limited to 9 or 6 players as opposed to the tournament;
  • Cash game: You enter the game and can leave at any time.                                                                            

how to play hold em poker scratch off