How to reset house alarm after power cut ?

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It is common to see an alarm that displays a program error following a power failure. In most cases, this situation leaves users taken aback. However, it is possible to restore the device to good working order by resetting it.

The method to reset a home alarm after a power failure

For various reasons, power outages can occur and therefore alter the operation of your alarm. This could of course leave your home unprotected. To deal with this uncomfortable situation, manufacturers include a battery backup function in their alarm systems. This is responsible for keeping your device running even after power outages. However, it may happen that your alarm displays an error message after it is turned on again, even with such a battery. This message is often followed by an alarm sounding. This suggests that you should reset your security system in order to get it up and running.

To do this, first find on your device’s keyboard the “System” or “System Status” button. Once located, press the said button twice simultaneously to reach the alarm.

When the power supply is restored, access the control panel using the security key or code supplied with the device. If you do not have any of these items, call a professional. Then, when you get to the control panel, you will find a small square-shaped black box attached to a circuit board. This is the backup battery which you will need to disconnect and then remove from your security system.

After this step, head to your mains fuse box to locate the one that powers your alarm. Turn it off and then return it to the on position after five minutes. Then change the backup battery, if desired, by installing a new one. It is also recommended by house alarm manufacturers to do this for an average of 12 to 15 months. You can also install a new battery if a low battery message displays on the control panel.

Finally, enter your user data and then press the “Off” button. Enter your alarm system access code again and press “Off” again. Once you have done this, your alarm can be operational again.

Some tips to avoid any inconvenience in the event of a power cut

The presence of an alarm in the house can guarantee its owner a certain security and peace, especially when it is functioning properly. Because this device can encounter malfunctions which often require a reset of the system. This is why, it is advisable to adopt certain actions to avoid possible difficulties in the event of resetting the alarm. In fact, always refer to the guide and the user manual of your home alarm system before any attempt to shut down or reset.

Also, opt for a code that you will easily remember and keep it regularly updated. Maintain and test your burglar alarm often to keep it in top condition. However, don’t forget to call in professional burglar alarm technicians to help you when you need it most.