How do gift basket companies ship alcohol ?

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Online alcohol sales have risen sharply, according to a specialist study. National, European or international shipments are therefore also affected. Laws on the delivery of liquor vary from state to state and the conditions are not the same. In addition, there are many online alcohol delivery services, each of which has its options. The fragility of alcohol bottles requires strict compliance with certain standards. These include conditioning and packaging for maintaining a good temperature, transportation, insurance. How do gift basket companies ship alcohol?

Alcohol packaging

The shipping of alcohol bottles by gift basket companies begins with meeting specific packaging standards. Indeed, these protect the bottles from impacts in specific packaging of bubble wrap or foam. The package is also placed in plastic packaging, then in a special bottle box to preserve the temperature of the liquid.

In addition, some countries allow the entry of an eligible gift shipment free of duties and taxes. To do this, certain mandatory information must be indicated on the packaging.

  • The words “unsolicited gift – not for resale” must be clearly indicated on the shipping documents.
  • Items, their contents, and alcohol content should be described in detail.
  • The controlled or protected designation of origin, which protects the name of the product, must appear.
  • Health and environmental messages must be written down.

Depending on the legislation, optional information is indicated under certain conditions.


The shipment then passes through the use of specialized transport. Alcohol bottles are sensitive goods. Several external factors can affect their quality during shipment. Thus, the sensitivity to contact with the outside and the properties of alcoholic beverages require strict compliance with transport conditions.

In a national or international context, the rules are the same. Gift basket companies or their partners resort to transport in airtight, clean vehicles with a constant temperature. They have an obligation to maintain the quality, hygiene, and temperature of the drinks shipped.

For their fragility, the bottles are placed in specialized packaging placed on wooden pallets in the vehicle. No friction is allowed. In addition, special elevators allow the lifting of loaded pallets to avoid breaking the bottles. Spirits (whiskey, vodka) are shipped only through authorized carriers. In general, gift basket companies collaborate on this plan with a network of distributors and specialized carriers.

Documents and insurance for shipping alcohol

Different rules may apply, depending on the country of origin and shipment. In France, Europe or internationally, the shipment of alcohol is accompanied by certain administrative documents, in a legal manner. For export, gift basket companies provide bill of lading, commercial invoice, copy of the certificate of label approval, Alena certificate. These documents are given to the carrier and allow customs clearance. Such shipments are also covered by an insurance document.

Good to know!

In some countries, it is strictly forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages to minors. Proof of the majority of the buyer is therefore required at the time of purchase (on site or online). Gift basket companies must also have official authorization to ship alcohol.