How many eggs can i eat a day in bodybuilding ?

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To be successful in building muscle mass successfully, there is a diet to adopt: the consumption of eggs. Great food for bodybuilders, eggs are highly recommended for their great energy contributions. How many eggs should you consume to achieve results quickly?

What are the benefits of eggs for the body, and how many should I eat?

Known for providing the necessary energy for the body, the egg is a food supplement rich in B vitamins. It is a perfect ally for good health. For a bodybuilder, the consumption of eggs plays a very important role in the development of his muscle mass.

Also known to everyone, the egg is eaten for its high protein content. It is an essential element that contributes to the development of the physique. Rich in fatty substance (cholesterol), the consumption of eggs accelerates energy recovery after a great expenditure of physical effort. Having the ability to create hormones, the presence of cholesterol promotes cell repair and makes your muscles more sensitive.

As for the number of eggs to consume daily, it is expressed in calories. To have muscle mass developed in a short time, it is advisable to consume at least 6000 calories per day. To meet their calorie goals, some bodybuilders have found it beneficial to eat at least 15 eggs per day. An egg, with a value of 100 grams, generates 188 calories, or an equivalent of 602 kilojoules. However, this consumption varies depending on the state of health of each bodybuilder.

Finally, it should be noted that the egg also acts as a memory aid thanks to the choline it contains. It is an essential substance for the body, capable of creating acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine.

When and what types of eggs to consume for adequate muscle development?

To do bodybuilding, it is not enough to start consuming all types of eggs. The categories of eggs you eat, how you eat them, and when you do them affect how well you will get. Indeed, egg consumption is generally recommended after a workout. Now is the perfect time for your body to benefit the most.

As for the type of eggs, it would be wise to opt for organic eggs such as eggs from chickens, quails, goose, etc. Also, the consumption of blue-white heart label eggs is much more advisable. They contain an omega level ranging from 3 to 6.

It is also noticed that a lot of bodybuilders consume raw eggs. This is not recommended for everyone because of the health problems it can cause. Indeed, a raw egg contains salmonella, a battery dangerous for human health. Also, the proteins in egg white are poorly hidden in the body when it is raw.

The best way to eat your egg is to cook it. You, therefore, have the choice between reducing it to an omelet, cooking it in the dish or in a pan. This will ensure you get all the necessary nutrients that result from its consumption, without causing damage to your health.