How to choose the dimensions of your patio ?

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One of the most common house extensions is the patio. It can be an open-air paved courtyard or an intermediate platform between the house and the garden. The patio is appreciated for its practicality, especially when welcoming family or friends. However, to take full advantage of it, its dimensions should be well-defined. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set the dimensions of your patio.

Choose the dimensions of your patio taking into account your needs

To define the dimensions of your patio, you must first take your needs into account. To do this, you need to refer to the space you have in your yard. You obviously will not be able to choose sizes larger than the available space.

Apart from the available space, you must take into account the use you are going to make of your patio in order to be able to define its dimensions in an optimal way. Likewise, you must consider the frequency of exceptional events and receptions that you are going to organize. For each of these events, you need to keep in mind the minimum and maximum number of people you are going to host.

Finally, in terms of needs, you will choose the dimensions of your patio, taking into account the equipment and fittings that you are going to use.

Focus on functionality

Once your different needs have been taken into account, you will have to choose the dimensions of your patio, giving priority to the functionality of the different elements that you will integrate into it. The goal here will be to avoid unnecessary and bulky items. To do this, you only need to install equipment that you will use or that will be used by your guests during receptions.

During this installation, you will have to keep in mind the concepts of living space and safety. On this basis, you will plan a certain distance between the different elements in order to facilitate the movement of people and especially to guarantee their safety.

Finally, for a better installation, you can optimize the space and functionality of your patio by adjusting its shape. If the classic patios have a square or rectangular shape, you can however opt for a rounded patio or an L-shaped patio. The rounded patio stands out for its elegance while the L-shaped patio shines with its practicality.

Watch out for benchmarks

To easily choose the dimensions of your patio, you can use the reference values ​​as a basis. These indicate the distances to be expected around certain equipment. Thus, for example, it is recommended to provide 1 meter of safety in front of a barbecue to guarantee the chef some peace of mind.

Likewise, you should allow 1 to 1.5 meters between the table and the unoccupied chairs. The circulation corridor between the access to the patio door and the table must also have a minimum width of 1 meter. It should also be barrier-free, short, and not have too many steps to climb.

In short, remember that the choice of patio dimensions will depend on the space you have, your needs and the number of people you will receive. Either way, you need to place special emphasis on functionality and safety every time in order to achieve a practical patio.