How much to plan to create your chatbot ?

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Chatbots are a modern day necessity for every organization with an online presence. It helps resolve issues faster than the average customer service rep and offers better human feel than FAQs. Create chatbot: What budget to plan? If you are looking to create a chatbot, here are the things you should consider when planning your budget.

Purpose of the Chatbot

The first factor to consider when developing a budget to create a chatbot. The features and functions of chatbots are expanding daily. Gone are the days when chatbots were mere upgrades on FAQs. Chatbots can now be used for:

  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Food & Beverage
  • Media
  • Fashion and
  • Finance purposes.

The purpose for creating chatbots is predetermined by the role it will perform. Chatbots in the health industry can help book an appointment while chatbots in the finance industry can do as much as taking an order and issuing receipts.

Type of Chatbot

The purpose for which you want to create the chatbot determines the type of chatbot and the features it should have. As stated earlier, all chatbots are not the same and some will require more work than others. The regular Q&A or inquiry type of chatbot does not demand many features. The major cost involved is having to integrate them to the company’s website.

Messenger chatbots like the Facebook chatbot are somewhat complex. While they are quite simple to create, the number of platforms they cover determines their cost as well. There are also chatbots for internal company use that workers can use to communicate.

Depending on the type of chatbot you want to create, you can now identify features that are necessary for that chatbot. Chatbots can differentiate speech structures from received messages and use them in conversations through the help of artificial intelligence, data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Development Tools to Create Chatbot

There are various development tools and platforms for creating chatbots. These different tools enable the developer to add different features to the chatbot you want to create. The more features you want to add to your chatbot, the more tools you will need. The more tools you need, the more cost you incur.

While chatbot tools are important, it is the platform on which you’re building the chatbot that plays the major role. Without these platforms, there will not be a foundation where the developer can use these tools to create chatbots. Some platforms make it easy for almost anyone to create a working chatbot. Other platforms may require a professional or specialist.

Just like the tools, the platform on which you are developing your chatbot also affects the price. Chatbots created from scratch tend to accommodate more features and are usually more expensive than chatbots designed from already made templates.

Efficient Ways to Create Chatbot

The world is moving towards efficiency and spending less to get more. The same applies to creating chatbots and organizations do not need to spend out of their budget creating chatbots to suit their needs. You can create a suitable chatbot for your business by taking the following measures.

  • Use templates from third party platforms to create a chatbot.
  • Integrate already existing instant messaging platforms to your business website.

These third party platforms are very affordable. They are also good for startups who cannot afford to create a chatbot from scratch. However, they may offer limited features to your chatbots.