When did i buy my house ?

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How long can buying a home take? The answer to this question is often complex and by no means standard. Depending on the real estate project, the time taken to buy a home can be relatively long. It is indeed necessary to take into account the mobilization of funds, the various works, the occupation of the premises. Find out some things to consider when buying a home.

Find the right accommodation

For a real estate purchase project, research is the first step to take into account. The latter may show a slight delay. In fact, the customer’s needs and preferences will not be met immediately during the research. In addition, it is recommended to hire a professional to allow the client time. Companies specializing in real estate have catalogs of goods offered for sale. Just let them know what type of accommodation you’re looking for, and they’ll be able to run advertisements or arrange tours.

The peculiarity here is that if it happens that we appoint a professional for the purchase, the paid service becomes free. Figures have shown that it takes an average of 3 and 6 months to find suitable accommodation, an average of six visited properties to choose the right one, ninety seconds to make a first impression on the chosen accommodation. This amounts to saying that getting an apartment is a real obstacle course.

Sign the sales contract

After the visits and the choice of suitable accommodation, it is a good idea to sign a sales contract with the seller. The deadline for selling real estate is on average sixty (60) days. However, depending on the location of the apartment or the cost, the sale may be effective a few days later. The sales agreement is a draft contract that determines the terms and price of the real estate exchange, and is binding on both parties. This is where the reflection period begins; that of obtaining the loan and involving the notary.

The waiting period after the sales agreement is not standard. It may vary if the signatories insert clauses into it. However, it retains its value as long as the clauses have not been materialized. The normal duration is sixty (60) days, but it may expire before this time if the customer wishes to withdraw, or be extended in the case of sales subject to the design of the work. Other parameters such as the real estate purchase timeframe are also to be taken into account in the home acquisition procedure.

The best way to get a good deal is to find out enough about the various options for buying housing with complete peace of mind. Using an online comparator will not be too much for this evaluation either. Not only do you save time, but you also have a good price offer. It should therefore be remembered that buying a house is a unique opportunity and as such, it is important to follow specific steps to purchase your home as quickly as possible, and at an affordable price.