How to organize a baby shower party ?

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A baby shower party is a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a child in a relationship. Would you like to organize one? You can take care of it yourself or outsource the management to a third party. Here are some ideas to organize a great party and wow your guests as well.

Set the date for the baby shower party

As a rule, the baby shower is held during the last trimester of pregnancy. However, couples are free to choose the time that suits them the most. You can do like some who organize their baby shower party after giving birth. Often they choose between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy. The celebration takes place in the afternoon.

It starts around 2 p.m. and ends after about 3 hours with an evening meal. Organizing it during this period allows future parents to think about the unborn child and share a moment of happiness with their loved ones. The other trend is to organize this party after the birth of the child. While this option is a blow to the idea of ​​a baby shower party, it does help celebrate the couple’s joy at parenting.

Choose the place and decoration for the party

There are several options for welcoming guests to your baby shower party. Many expectant parents prefer to organize this reception at the home of the expectant mother. Others dare to go further by organizing it in the garden. On the other hand, to make such a choice, the baby shower party must be in summer. This is the ideal climate for enjoying a setting that guarantees more space for guests.

In addition, many private spaces host such events. For decoration, you can do it yourself or with the help of a few friends. It’s always good to customize the layout of the room. Choose a decoration theme for example. In any case, the most suitable colors are sunny yellow, pink, white or mint green.

Set the party buffet menu

To have a successful buffet, you have to take into account the taste of your guests. As an aperitif, choose sweet or savory appetizers. If you are tempted by sweets, consider chocolate muffins, unicorn cupcakes or small shortbread in the shape of animals. These are some of the cakes that guests expect to see for the baby shower party. In summer, it is desirable to provide vitamin dishes. Consider making a fruit buffet. Then choose red ones like strawberries, raspberries, cherries which are consumed by many people.

No matter what time of year, barbecue for the end of the baby shower party meal. You will only have to control the proper cooking of the meat so that your guests will feast. The organizers of such events often choose marinated skewers accompanied by potatoes, salads or vegetables. For the cake, the most anticipated meal of the evening, consider the one made with layers. When it comes to drinking, do not serve alcohol, as the mother-to-be is not allowed to drink it.